Joseph Brown, PPJ, Fall Week 3


  • Meetings: 7h
  • Sexual Assault Research (Anecdotal): 3h
  • Paper Prototypes (Dialogue): 1h
  • Website Bio Writing: 30m
  • Meeting Notes Formatting: 30m
  • Early UX wireframe: 1h

Total Hours: 13h


Positives: Lots of collaborative work was finished during meetings this week! It was great to be able to bounce ideas off of each other and develop those ideas into more substantial designs. Early tech prototypes were produced, along with early puzzle discussion and dialog tests. I was able to get some good feedback as to what we were looking for in terms of core gameplay loops, and began brainstorming  methods for implementing that gameplay in an engaging way, with special consideration given for the virtual reality environment.  

Negatives: We had to have a serious discussion about scoping down, following a discussion with our advisor. Over summer, we had scoped and timed things based around a 30 week project, and when we dropped down to 12 weeks, we realized that we weren’t going to be able to tell the story that we wanted to tell in a respectful way, and had to make some changes. That said, we used this downscaling to really hone in on what we knew we could achieve in those 12 weeks, and spent a considerable amount of time reworking our story into something that we would still be proud to tell.

Looking Ahead:

  • Further story development
  • Puzzle design and mockups
  • UI mockups for:
    • murder wall
    • object interactions
    • character interactions
  • Dialog prototype


Roundtable Discussion of our new story

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