Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Fall Week 4

 Paper Weight

Here’s a camera mechanic that Chris prototyped. I worked this week to bring it into the same scene as Samara’s conversation prototype (seen with the stand-in humanoid), and did video capture of both for inclusion in our pitch deck.




Lots of tasks getting put into the Hacknplan




  • (Informal) Meetings: 3h
  • Blending Prototypes/Fixing Repository: 5h
  • Team Website/Deliverables: 2h
  • GDD Updates: 30m
  • Public Pitch 2h

Total Hours: 12h30m


Positives: It’s been really nice to dig my hands into the project as a whole this week. I had an exciting time pulling Chris and Samara’s hard prototyping work into a single project, and it’s wonderful to see a really solid showcase of all of our mechanics start to come together. Getting to attach the Polaroid camera to the same object that sparks interactions made it finally feel like all of the individual work we’ve been doing feeds into one whole. Additionally, I got to work on our second public pitch deck, which helped both me and the team solidify our plans for the new direction. It’s so validating to be able to show off our technical skills to the world and introduce our new direction!



Conversation and camera in the same scene.



The pitch deck.


Negatives: EVERYTHING BROKE. And never at opportune times. I was all set to go to a fraternity event in a dress and heels when our TechDemos branch (which contained the work of Samara, Chris, and me) suddenly had seemingly endless merge conflicts and the project broke the compiler. Nothing like endlessly pushing and pulling when you’ve got somewhere to be. Fortunately, I was able to get the issue resolved before I left the house so Chris and Samara could complete their projects in a functional Unity file. Finally, working to begin bringing the prototypes together felt excellent, but the VRTK hand controls in the scene no longer work. However, I had to give up on fixing that for this week in order to make sure all of our team deliverables got done and submitted. Finally, the whole team this week struggled with clearly communicating deadlines – I didn’t have materials I needed when I needed them, so a major point to improve on in the upcoming week is delineating very clear times and dates when tasks need to be finished and sent to those who need them. These tasks took me off of the puzzle prototype I had planned to work on this week.


Looking Ahead:

  • Finish greybox scene with all prototypes:
    • Camera
    • Conversation
    • Murder Wall
    • Teleportation
  • Prototype a puzzle
  • Lay out distinct deadlines for team projects this week