Joseph Brown, PPJ, Fall Week 4


  • Art Meeting: 2h
  • Story Meeting: 1h
  • VR Game Research – Puzzles, Interaction, Locomotion: 3h
  • UI storyboarding: 1h 30m
  • Meeting Notes Formatting: 30m

Total Hours: 7h

Positives: Lots of meetings! The art team got together and honed in on a style that we all felt was visually interesting and usable, while our faculty meetings provided us with some great insight into what we could do to improve our project. Prototypes were made, too! Object interaction, photography, and speech were all coded up into unity and merged into one branch. This means that I can start working on player controls and actions within our game world, tweaking our existing prototypes to feel better for their next iteration. We also have a master asset list, and a timeline that will significantly aid in our workflow and generating assets quickly.

Negatives: Unfortunately, I felt unable to provide meaningful feedback on our early prototypes, or how player interaction should have been handled this week. It is one thing to be able to mock up 2-dimensional UI elements, but it’s another thing entirely to hone in the user experience. I went back and played some VR games in order to study how they got around certain problems, and began a taking notes of common solutions, along with what I thought these games did right or things that could be done better given the medium. I will be using these notes to try and create a document of player interactions, complete with storyboard sketches and marked up environment art as a section of our GDD. 

Looking Ahead:

  • Pivot Considerations?
  • Player Interaction Document added to GDD
  • Developing UI further for:
    • murder wall
    • object interactions
    • character interactions
  • Creating a custom slide deck for our next presentation


Art Meeting References
A small handful of posts from Joseph Brown, Chris Lucas, and Sydney Oswald. Not pictured, Dan Shalalalala.

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