Samara Painter, PPJ, Fall Week 4


  • Meeting with Dr. Frank Lee and Corey Arnold: 1h
  • Repository Work (upgrading master and getting team members access): 30m
  • Database Research: 1h
  • Conversation Prototype (including database): 7h

Total Hours: 9h30m

Positives: Our master branch project is now updated to use the newest version of Unity, which the team has been utilizing to create prototypes. I did a bit of research to look into using a SQLite database with a Unity project, and luckily it turned out to be rather easy to add. I was able to incorporate a database into a test branch, and use that database to store dialogue for a conversation in a prototype scene (shown below).


Even if we decide to move away from the original conversation logic we mapped out earlier in the term, a database will be useful to store character information, clues, and other items we might need for the game, including the current state of those items. The prototype I created both grabs data from the database, and updates data values in the database, which should take care of all the base-level database interactions we might need for this project.

Negatives: The whole team still does not have access to the GitHub repository, so I am working to get that completed. Additionally, the code I created for the conversation prototype, while functioning, will need to be cleaned and separated into more general scripts before it should be incorporated into the master branch.

Looking Ahead:

  • Going through Unity puzzle tutorials
  • Adding test sound files to the conversation prototype
  • Starting the murder board prototype

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