Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Fall Week 4


  • Concept Art Meeting: 2h
  • Meeting with Dr. Frank Lee and Corey Arnold: 1h
  • Pillar Concepts: 4h
  • Room Concepts: 1h
  • Murder Board Concept: 1h
  • Added to Master Asset List: 2h

Total Hours: 11h

Positives: After having a good long discussion with the rest of the artists on the team about aesthetic, we found we all agreed on a futuristic but Gothic look for the game. A few Pinterest boards later and we all set off to do concept art for different things. I worked specifically on how to combine Gothic and Brutalist architecture designs by drawing pillars with different levels of accents and light paths.




Next I drew some super basic layouts of the room we talked about, and how the wall modules will be able to switch places by sliding up or down. This will let us add walls if we have time to make more assets. I also sketched up a small bio room to show what a wall module would look like.


Negatives: We haven’t had a discussion about specific walls yet, so I wasn’t sure what exactly we wanted drawn up. In this next week I want to draw out in-depth concepts for each of the 4 walls and have a extensive drawing of the pentagonal room itself.

Looking Ahead:

  • Specified concept art for each of the walls
  • Detailed concept art of the pentagonal room

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