Samara Painter, PPJ, Fall Week 5

Meetings: 1h
Conversation Prototype: 5h
Teleportation Prototype: 4h 30m

Total Hours: 10h30m


The conversation prototype now has audio files that correspond to both the player and the NPC. I was also able to abstract the conversation-related code in the prototype script to one NPC script that can be added to any character the player needs to interact with in the game. Additionally, the character now responds differently to the player depending on how much they like the player’s responses to them, although the displayed text remains the same. The video below first shows dialogue that happens when the character likes the player’s responses, and then shows the dialogue options when the character dislikes the player’s responses.

I also got a very low-level teleportation prototype working, where the player looks to the floor where they want to go and presses a button on the Oculus touch controllers in order to teleport there. This is not the ideal teleportation mechanic we want, but it should be easy enough to expand/alter the prototype to fit our needs.



I ended up not having time to go over the unity puzzle tutorial I have been wanting to look at, and will hopefully be able to set aside time to look at that in the upcoming week. I also am worried about not getting work done on the murder board prototype, and I hope to talk to Chris about overall design plans for it and figure out a way that we can both contribute to it in order to get it done. I think that we might be able to split it up into more independent parts so we can work on it simultaneously.

Looking Ahead:
Unity Puzzle Tutorial
Murder Board Prototype
Moving Wall Prototype

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