Chris Lucas, PPJ, Week 6


  • Programming Meeting: 30m 
  • Character Concept Art: 2hr
  • Murder-board Prototype Connections: 3hr 
  • Asset Pipeline Research: 1 hr 

Total Hours: 6hr 30m 

Positives: This week the prototyping team met up to discuss how we should handle prototyping the Murder Board. We decided to divide and conquer. One of the tangible parts about the Board is the ability for the player to draw their own connections between different pieces of evidence in red string, which is what I worked on. I made some custom scripts for Unity’s Line Renderer that allow us to draw different lines between evidence with one renderer, to and from different spots on a piece of evidence, and then move that evidence around during gameplay without breaking lines. I also spent some time researching Zbrush, Daz, and Marvelous Designer as potential programs to use during our character creation pipeline, so that after we finish character concept art, we can begin 3D style tests. Earlier this week, I also made a more defined version of one of my thumbnail sketches from the previous week.


Negatives: I was sick this week for almost 5 days, and mostly in bed. I got my prototyping done without having to go test in VR, but that’s a definite next step. The way the line renderer is implemented, the lines should be drawn based on the positions of the cards, whether they’re being moved around in VR or not. While I was in bed I researched art programs that might help us with asset production, but I definitely didn’t have as much energy as I normally do to work on this. 

Looking Ahead: Next week I should be up and about, and able to test in VR again. I’m also thinking that some of the line drawing scripts might need to be re-designed so that they can more easily handle non-linear connections between long chains of evidence from the same renderer.  

  • Continue Connection Prototyping
  • Merge Murderboard with VR hands interaction
  • Preparation of Week 7 Deliverables


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