Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Fall Week 6

WIP It Good



  • Greybox Prototype: 6h
  • Murder Board Scroll: 1h
  • Murder Board Photo Grab: 2h
  • Deliverables/Management: 1h

Total Hours: 10h

Positives: Everything is in one scene! Well, mostly. My week focused on taking all of the wonderful prototype work the team has been doing and getting it together into one WIP build. It’s good to see each individual’s work really coming together, and moving forward we’ll be all working together on one scene. Additionally, I got to pitch in on the murder board and help Samara with the scrolling prototype, as well as completing a script to support players “grabbing” photos from their scrollbar. Finally, I had the chance to implement VR interactions into my player piano puzzle, which weere so satisfying to see in action!

Negatives: As one might expect when combining work from four people, there were hiccups. Textures broke. Bugs were uncovered. Getting the piano functions to work in VR took far longer than planned. I had some time management issues this week, which resulted in not nearly enough sleep while getting the prototype together. I have a lot of work to do in the upcoming week addressing bugs that popped up, such as teleportation overshooting and the RenderTexture on the Polaroid camera having problems/not showing up. (Early research indicates this is likely due to our switch to a LightweightRenderPipeline and may be a Unity issue for which we’ll have to find a workaround.)

I didn’t get to spend as much time on task planning/Gantt making this week as I was focused on getting this WIP ready to demo, so that’ll be a task for me to collaborate on with Sydney this coming week.


Looking Ahead:

  • Debug Greybox Prototype
  • Finish Gantt Chart with Sydney