Samara Painter, PPJ, Fall Week 6

Meetings: 1h30m
Moving Wall Prototype: 8h30m
Murder Board Prototype: 12h

Total Hours: 22h


I was able to complete 1.5 prototypes this week – the moving wall prototype and half of the murder board prototype. The moving wall prototype shows that we can have multiple walls in different wall “slots” that can be moved back and forth. The walls deactivate when they are no longer moving and are no longer the wall the player will see (given that there will be a ceiling in the room) in order to save on rendering. You
have to go down the line of possible walls before it’ll start moving up, or vice versa, but as we shouldn’t have too many walls in any given slot, that shouldn’t be a problem.


Sydney, Chris, and I were successful in splitting the Murder Board Prototype into several different tasks so that more than one person could work on it at the same time. I was in charge of creating a scrolling view containing pictures that the player will take (for now, it populates using the contents of a folder).


In addition, you can grab a picture from the scrolling list and it will spawn an object that you can place on the board. I had to ask Erin for help with this part, so the coding for this is mostly hers. I made scripts to tell when the player is making “grabbing” or “pointing” gestures, and a photo prefab to spawn.


When the board is put down and pulled back up, the pictures you placed on the board will still be there.


Overall, I believe that this prototype has been very successful, given the amount of time we’ve currently spent on it. It’s still very buggy – you can shove pictures into the board, and they’ll disappear completely. The scrolling in general is also very awkward, but I believe that can be fixed by tweaking sensitivity settings and collider sizes.


I still did not go over the puzzle tutorial I wanted to because the prototypes I needed to complete took way longer than I thought they should. I also had to ask Erin for help in completing my Murder Board prototype because I ran out of time. In the future I’d like to be more careful about my own time management and when more difficult programming tasks are scheduled (in terms of where they fall in line with the overall Drexel class schedule) so that this situation doesn’t happen again. Luckily, everything got done, but it was far more stressful than it needed to be. I do think that I am behind everyone else in terms of general Unity knowledge, which causes me to take longer on tasks, so I will be trying to remedy that as soon as possible.

Looking Ahead:
Update/Fix Teleportation Mechanic
1 Puzzle Prototype

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