Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Fall Week 6


  • Final Room Staging: 5h
  • Gantt Draft: 2h
  • Project Timeline Draft for Dr. Muschio: 30m

Total Hours: 7h 30m

Positives: I remodeled the room! We have super basic placeholder assets for the general objects in the main room and wall panels. Each wall panel also has an empty section above it to allow us to continue working on the room movement. This has helped me understand how crowded or open the space can feel. I want to get a draft of the roof idea I have in and see what the space feels like in VR. We also have a bunch of pinterest boards that I added to this week specifically for mask/costume design for the NPCs we want to have.


Negatives: I didn’t get to start modeling objects for the final scene this week, but I feel like that comes with a positive. While planning out our draft Gantt chart, I got a better grasp of how much time we have left and where the most important things lie. Next week I want to select hero objects and assign them to modelers to start populating the scene with the crucial things before we get bogged down in details.

Looking Ahead:

  • Assign Hero Models
  • Begin writing a scene of dialogue
  • Draft puzzle chain of events

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