Team PPJ, Fall Week 6

Everything is in one place…kind of.

It’s been an EXTREMELY hectic week here at Prediction Error. We’ve been prototyping like mad scientists, pulling together a work-in-progress scene that has most of the key components of our design and prototyping work so far.

This means we have a playable build with a conversation, (very) alpha teleportation, a simple (until it gets art) puzzle, and a murder board that works!


The murder board is particularly exciting, as it’s a key part of our game that required the collaboration of three individuals and relies on several challenging scripts to function. However, it’s in great shape, and we’re happy to have seen it come together so fast! Players can select photos (from a lovely sample set featuring Aziz Ansari, Ryan Gosling, and a painting of a monk, among other things), place them on the board, rearrange them, despawn the board, and pull it back up at any time during gameplay.

We also have the beginnings of a line-drawing connection mechanism for the murder board, as created by Chris.


The art team is still hard at work working on concepting and greyboxing, including a full-size room floorplan created by Sydney and new concept art from Dan,



The sound team has begun creating the basis for their compositions, and we look forward to having audio to work with in the coming weeks!

It’s Week 6 and we’ve got a build and lots to show for our five weeks of hard work.

But there’s still plenty to do. We ran into some hiccups with creting the prototype, and code crashed into itself, shaders became incompatible with the render pipeline, and technology sometimes just hated us.

This week, we’re looking forward to addressing some of these bugs, finalizing all of our concepts, and setting ourselves up to get started creating!