Chris Lucas, PPJ, Week 7


  • Team Meeting: 1hr
  • Environment Art Modeling: 4hr
  • Pipeline and Reference Research: 1hr 

Total Hours: 6hr

Positives: This week after meeting up to decide our next steps, I handed off my prototypes to Erin and joined up with the art team to start creating assets. While the actual room was being modeled by Syd, I worked on creating the assets that would fill the room, specifically the models needed for the themed walls, which will have their own puzzles and aesthetics. I started working on the biomedical wall, which has some more surgical elements to it, trying different models based on our reference, and planning different texturing ways to handle the decorations Gothic furniture normally has. I also brought up and discussed with the team that the best way to proceed in the upcoming sprints, rather than continuing to create environment models, would be to focus on singular detailed models or assets that may be tricky to pull off and go through a full pipeline test, bringing them into all the programs we might need, and then into unity, lit, etc, so that we iron out all the details before it gets to be full production time. Because of this I also created an asset pipeline doc to test and add to in the upcoming weeks.

Negatives: In the worst turn of events, just a couple days after recovering from being sick last week, I caught the flu and was basically incapacitated for another 4 days. I’m glad I got to work on this some, but I was definitely not performing at my peak, and also still haven’t fully recovered. 

Looking Ahead: My next tasks will continue shift into the art side of things as I share and test the documentation I’m putting together for our art asset pipelines. Ideally in the next couple of weeks I would like to take several different kinds of small objects and get them fully sculpted, then modeled and retopologized, Uved, textured, and lit properly in unity so we can test if our ideas of how we might make some of these objects will really work.

  • Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing
  • Documentation
  • Preparation of Week 8 Deliverables


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