Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Fall Week 7

Midterm Madness


  • Group Meeting: 1h
  • PPJ: 20m
  • Character skeleton Modeling: 2h

Total Hours: 3h 20m

Positives: This week we had a group meeting of the full core team for the first time in a bit and it was excellent. We were able to discuss ideas and thoughts about certain choices for specific artistic interpretations. I was informed that I am in charge of modeling the characters as well as creating concepts for them, which isn’t bad, just daunting. I have to create a skeleton we can use for the characters very soon so I have been doing research on how to modeling and rig characters again.

Negatives: This week was completely unproductive for me. I was heavily focused on taking care of midterms and making sure that other classes were taken care of. Now that my other GMAP classes have been taken care of I am poised to put all my effort into the work for this segment of SPROJ.

Looking Ahead: My task is to finish up the final concepts for the characters as well as setting up a character mesh and Rig

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