Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Fall Week 7

“My Tummy was Making the Rumblies that Only Hands Could Satisfy”


  • Greybox Prototype Bugfixing: 3h
  • First Draft Puzzle Flowchart: 1h
  • Deliverables: 1h

Total Hours: 5h

Positives: Work is going smoothly! I was able to troubleshoot many of the issues that arose in last week’s early-morning, sleep-deprived build. I’ve applied a custom shader to the hands so they (should) show up in the build and aren’t a horrible retina-burning pink in the editor. I implemented Samara’s improved teleportation mechanic into our main prototype scene. The art team is becoming more autonomous and that’s one less thing I have to worry about. I managed to not have to stay up all night to get deliverables ready, which is really nice. Finally, though I feel like I didn’t accomplish a lot this week, I’ll be physically present in Philadelphia this weekend for the first time in 3 weeks and I’ll be able to run and test much more regularly.

Negatives: I didn’t get a lot done this week because I was away on retreat all weekend and didn’t stay up all night Monday because that’s not healthy. There are still bugs that need to be fixed, and I need to write a handler that takes Chris’ murder board line handler and makes it work with VR gestures and the rest of the murder board. The piano puzzle has had some mysterious issues, which I plan to fix in the upcoming week.

Flowchart Draft Sent
Sending the (very) rough flow chart to the team.

Looking Ahead:

  • Debug Piano Puzzle
  • Write VR/murderboard hookups for line handler
  • Add Samara’s biowall puzzle to prototype scene
  • Add 3 sample conversations to prototype scene
  • Implement soundtrack sample track