Joseph Brown, PPJ, Fall Week 7


  • Murder Board Prototype 2.5h
  • Camera Prototype 2.5h
  • Conversation Cloud Prototype 1h
  • Puzzle Concept 2h
  • GDD Updates 2h

Total Hours: 8h

Positives: Finally got tangible mockups/ paper prototypes for main interactions with the game! The Conversation Cloud allows players to select what they want to say . The camera should be intuitive to draw and take pictures with, while providing a clear view of what is being captured and staying true to our design aesthetic. The murder board shown here will likely need revision, but serves as a starting point that we can build from, organizing objects in a straightforward way. It also allows easy connections between different ideas, and will hopefully help the player keep track of their own reasoning.

Negatives: I had a two-day swim meet this weekend limited my time this week, but I got everything done that I wanted to get done! We still haven’t gotten a whole team meeting in, but that said, we’re getting together to discuss design and story with the group, which I’m looking forward to.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Player Interaction Document added to GDD
  • Developing UI further for:
    • Object Interactions
    • Puzzles
    • Anything teammates suggest
  • Meeting with Stefan Rank! Pending schedules.
  • Escape Room research and design


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