Samara Painter, PPJ, Fall Week 7

Updated Teleportation Prototype: 2h30m
Plant Puzzle (Bio Wall) Prototype: 3h30m

Total Hours: 6h


I was able to successfully complete all of my tasks in a timely manner, which was much better than last week.

We now have an updated teleportation prototype which uses a “fishing line” directed by the right controller to determine where the player will teleport to, instead of the player looking somewhere to teleport there. This should be a better UI, and overall is the one we wanted to use. Additionally, you no longer rebound off objects if you teleport too close to them, instead you teleport on top of them. This shouldn’t be a problem as the player will be in a closed room, and will only be able to teleport on top of small objects, like chairs.


I also created a very simple plant puzzle prototype. Our plant puzzle involves matching plant labels to plant pots. In the final game, the pots will be located on the bio wall, but for now I have three set up on a table. Once you match the labels to their respective pots, a picture is revealed.



Overall, I believe this week went fairly well for me. I feel like I’m getting the hang of Unity interactions in general, but I still find myself making very basic mistakes (like forgetting to add scripts to game objects). Additionally, I’d like to go through any prototype scripts that we intend to port/keep for the game and rewrite them to be both more clear and in the same style. Currently, the code base is not as cohesive as I’d like it to be, and I feel like it would be very confusing for someone new to jump in and look at.

Looking Ahead:
Additional Puzzle Prototype
Implement Sample Script Conversation
Implement Sample Soundtrack

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