Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Fall Week 7


  • Central Room Modeling: 5h
  • Bio Room Sketches: 2h
  • Writing Sample Dialogue: 1h

Total Hours: 8h

Positives: Room modeling has begun! I’m getting back into modeling after spending the last few projects as producer. My biggest fear right now is making sure these models don’t tank our performance. I also switched from making a photobash of the bio room to sketching out what I imagined it looked like. It was just faster for me and I can grab photos as references for specific items in the draft. Finally I’ve also started writing some dialogue for us to play around with in our scene, mixing puzzles with NPC conversations.



Negatives: We didn’t get to work on the puzzle chain of events this week (I wanted to meet with a few of our members to plan that out). What is nice is we have class time this week to have a long meeting and plan out our chain, work on drafts for puzzles, and figure out what models we need first. I wanted to get more done on the room model, but time was consumed by my illustration class.

Looking Ahead:

  • Finish Draft/Assign Hero Models
  • Draft 1 NPC Conversation
  • Finalize Gantt Chart
  • First Draft Central Room Complete

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