Team PPJ, Fall Week 7

The protoype is less broken, art is being created, puzzles are being planned and greyboxed – everything is starting to come together! Though several members of our team had hurdles this week, including illnesses, swim meets, and religious retreats, it feels like we’re finally getting into a rhythm that we can use to keep this project going through to the finish line.


Better teleportation and custom hand shaders are in the prototype scene.


A second puzzle has been greyboxed thanks to Samara.



Sydney worked on concept art for the wall on which said puzzle takes place.


Models for the bio wall and for the general room were drafted.




On this week’s docket:

  • Using our usual classtime to meet and improve the puzzle progression flowchart developed this week.
  • Last call for character concept art!
  • Drafting another conversation.
  • Getting our first sound files and implementing them!
  • Refining puzzles in and debugging the prototype scene.
  • Finishing putting all of our planned tasks into our Gantt chart.
  • Draft central room model.
  • Assign and begin work on hero models.