Samara Painter, PPJ, Fall Week 8

Team Meeting: 2h
Dialogue Implementation: 2h
Integrate Plant Puzzle into Main Scene: 2h
Play Testing: 4h
Door Puzzle Prototype: 3h30m
Soundtrack Implementation: 20m

Total Hours: 13h50m


I was a little worried at the start of this week when we decided we wanted to put a play test together, but we managed to pull it off. I got the new dialogue successfully implemented by the time we wanted to play test and added the plant puzzle from the previous week as well. Here’s a video that shows it all coming together:

Thankfully, the play testing helped us discover some substantial bugs now rather than later, which I can work on fixing soon.

The prototype I created this week is for the first puzzle of our game sequence – the door puzzle. I designed it to be like the puzzle Mastermind, where lights indicate how close you are to a solution.



I also made sure that the player couldn’t teleport through the wall into the room (since that defeats the purpose of the puzzle entirely) and once they were in the room, couldn’t teleport out. When we integrate this with everything else, the door will eventually close behind the player, making it impossible for them to leave.



This prototype isn’t ideal, and I would even call it a little clunky in terms of how large the panels are, but the basic functionality should port over really well.

The last thing I worked briefly on this week was the Soundtrack Implementation, which mostly involved me walking Erin through my previous code regarding the player’s relationship with an NPC. The more the NPC likes the player’s responses, the higher the relationship value will be. I added relationship value changes to the dialogue responses in the database for Erin, so she could use the player’s relationship value with the NPC to dictate how loud certain instrument lines in the overall soundtrack are.


I definitely have some major bugs to fix that we found during play testing. Notably – we tried to play test from a build, but the database did not function correctly and the conversations did not work because of it. Also, as seen in the play test video, the walls freak out and bounce a couple times when moving instead of shifting down smoothly as intended. I’m a little worried that the database bug will be tricky to solve, but I should be able to work on it in the upcoming week.

Additionally, I need to update the conversation UI, since it is extremely hard to navigate in VR right now. We have an idea of what we would like it to look like, so it’s just a matter of implementing it (which is not easy by itself). Luckily, there should be some sample Oculus scenes that we can pull some functionality from.

Looking Ahead:
Fix database bug when building
Fix wall movement bug
Draft Accusation Mechanic

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