Chris Lucas, PPJ, Week 8


  • Environment Art Modeling: 2hr
  • Environment Art Texturing: 5 hr
  • UVing, Lighting, Implementation : 1 hr

Total Hours: 8hr

Positives: I’m also starting to feel better. I went to see a doctor, since I’m still sick, but am healing, and am also well enough that I can handle doing a decent amount of work. Tested out part of the pipeline with some of the smaller assets this week, and got modeling in Blender and Maya, texturing in Substance, and importing into Unity’s Lightweight Render Pipeline figured out. For our demo on Saturday we specifically needed assets for the garden puzzle, so the models needed to be flower pots and a trowel (the murder weapon), but they still worked with testing the pipeline, which is great. I’m also pretty happy with how the trowel turned out, and the amount of detail I could get onto a very low poly model.

Negatives: The demo was a bit last moment, so I needed to rush a bit to get all of those assets in, rather than taking them all the way through the pipeline, and only test part of it. The rest of the pipeline can be taken in the following weeks though.  

Looking Ahead: I learned early some quirks about modeling in low poly and creating texture maps that need to have their models updated in the future, as well as ways to keep the maps still relevant to the model even as it changes. I plan to do this with the flower pots coming up, since they’re a bit hard edged for their purposes and need to have their normals smoothed. I also want to practice doing a simple sculpt and re-topology to test out that workflow.

  • Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing
  • Preparation of Week 9 Deliverables


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