Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Fall Week 8

On Our Way


  • Countess Modeling: 4h
  • PPJ: 20m
  • Team Meeting 2h
  • Dialogue recording: 1h

Total Hours: 7h 20m

Positives: This week the team worked to make sure that we could have a playable greybox demo for Saturday the 10th so that we could take advantage of a wide age range to test the controls of our game with. This being said I was tasked last week with creating a greybox representation of the countess, as well as recording voice lines for the detective. I am happy to say that I was able to do this, although the level of greybox I wasn’t sure about. I was also able to record the lines I needed to and it went better than expected. I also took care of a great many things that were holding me back in other classes so that means I can devote more time for SPROJ which makes me so so happy.

Negatives: While things went well, they took too long to do so. I slogged through this week and it was pretty much a whirlwind of work and more. I got briefly sick after running my first race in a while but that didn’t stop me from getting in the model by the time it was required. However it did take me much longer to get the model done in the first place, I need to become more efficient with my time.

Looking Ahead: Finish concept art for remaining two characters and start modeling countess, starting with mask.


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