Team PPJ, Fall Week 8

Haaaaaaaave we mentioned the playtest?


This week, the Prediction Error team decided it would be wise to run a playtest session over the weekend to get a sense of how we’re doing in terms of getting mechanics to a playable state, creating puzzles that players can interpret, and correctly handling small details such as player size.

This decision led to the need for a large amount of work from every team member, and we were thrilled that we could get the prototype to a point where we could watch others play through it.

This was, indeed, a valuable session – we found bugs, realized where our players were under-informed, and took note of the major issues that needed to be fixed. Additionally, it forced us as a team to make sure everything each individual had been working on worked together – which can sometimes be a very frustrating process.


Saturday’s playtest.



We made lots and lots of progress this week, so here’s a brief rundown:


  • We may have mentioned this already, but we ran a playtest and identified areas in which this project needs to improve.


Dan Shalala



Sydney Oswald



Chris Lucas



Joseph Brown


  • We have a greyboxed character!
  • Our pipeline has been drafted and is in the process of being tested.
  • First assets for the room and puzzles were created.
  • The art team is prioritizing models and UI design that are essential to the game and its puzzles.





  • We did a partial overhaul of the piano puzzle, which still needs some work.
  • Samara created a Mastermind-style “front door” puzzle.
  • Samara integrated draft audio into the player conversation with Madeline.
  • Samara added different options in conversation that affect Madeline’s opinion of the player.
  • Erin extended this into adjusting the volume of the brass line in the soundtrack.
  • Samara prepared the biowall puzzle.
  • Erin brought it into the prototype.
  • Erin began work on murder board line drawing.



  • Our sound team has sent over a sample track, and we’re so happy with how it sounds!


On this week’s docket:

  • Plan out puzzle chain in a more final format
  • B U G F I X I N G
  • Create essential art assets
  • Implement conversation UI
  • Finish murder board line drawing mechanic
  • Begin work on accusation system
  • Add multiple lines to soundtrack manager

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