Chris Lucas, PPJ, Week 9


  • Environment Art Modeling (Biowall): 6hr
  • UV/Model Touchups from demo: 1 hr
  • Compiling standard modeling style boards/reference: 1 hr

Total Hours: 8hr

Positives: This week was spent meeting with the art team about a standard modeling style we can compare our work to to ensure we’re modeling in a consistent style, and that our assets look like they belong in the same project. I compiled a board full of reference from similar styles with wireframes, highlighted faces, and turn arounds, etc. I’m hoping that having some 3D examples in our reference will help as we make our 3D assets. After that, I also began working on more assets for the plant wall part of the room. I modeled the two tables, gardening shears, watering can, and fixed the normals/uvs of the models from last week. I also began looking into how to handle the amount of foliage we’ll need to for the wall, and the different ways 3D artists create plants.


Negatives: My main negative is that I still haven’t been able to test out a sculpting workflow, which could potentially make modeling our more complex models much more free-form and detailed. Luckily, with doing the plants for the plant wall next week, those two tasks might overlap. 

Looking Ahead: There are still some models in the asset list for the plant wall that need to be done, so next week I’ll be making those. They’ll be a bit different in that I believe those models are more efficient to make as simple cubes, and then control how they look through cutout materials and different shaders. I’ll also be working on making the plants for the plant wall, and likely looking into sculpting vs. 2D workflows for that.

  • Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing
  • Preparation of Week 9 Deliverables


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