Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Fall Week 9



I’m Thankful That We Get A Break


  • Misc. Meetings: 1h
  • Piano Puzzle Revamp: 6h
  • Revamp Soundtrack System: 30m
  • Import Door Puzzle/New Central Room: 30m

Total Hours: 7h

Cylinder Notes

Positives: Even though it looks like a light week from an hours standpoint, we as a team made some really important leaps forward that I’m glad to have been a part of. Early in the week, we determined that the murder board we had been working on seemed mostly like an extraneous holdover from our original idea that didn’t feel integrated with our current direction, so we made the decision to table that mechanic for now. Sydney ran me through the updated puzzle chain she and Joe developed (I was somewhat awake for this, having come from a string band rehearsal in NJ). I sat down with Angus from the sound team to discuss getting new brass lines for the prototype (and then subsequently implemented them). I brought Sydney’s new room model and Samara’s door puzzle into the main scene. I led a brief team meeting on Sunday evening to discuss progress and upcoming deliverables. Sydney and I workshopped the lines we needed from our source material for our promotional video, and I took care of equipment checkout and space reservation requests (thanks Professor Lloyd!) for our Tuesday morning film time.

Good morning, let’s switch these tracks!


Sticky cylinders.

Oh, and I had my hands in the code. My primary focus this week was revamping the piano cylinder puzzle interactions, as they were reallllly broken at their last iteration. While they’re still a little bit janky, I’m happy to say that the interactions work a lot better now, and, most importantly, while unfinished, and consistent – that is, things that are supposed to be connected no longer disconnect if you move them too fast/turn in the wrong direction/think about a wombat for more than 8.2 seconds.

One of this week’s many mini-meetings (this one, like several others, was unplanned and took place in my bedroom.)

Negatives: The piano cylinder interactions are still not where I want them to be, and a lot of that’s due to poor time management on my part. Fortunately, that’s my only task over the break, and there’s an Oculus at my house in New Hampshire for me to work on.

Looking Ahead:

  • Add “twist” gestures to piano cylinder puzzle
  • Film promotional video



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