Samara Painter, PPJ, Fall Week 10

Finish Accusation Mechanic: 3h
Conversation UI: 2h
Video Shoot: 2h

Total Hours: 7h


The accusation mechanic turned out to be a lot easier to fix/finish than I thought it would be initially. Unfortunately, I had to fix a lot of bugs I introduced into the overall dialogue logic by pulling it apart from the NPC script.

The ability to accuse someone will “turn on” at some point in the game. For our testing purposes now, it’s after the plant puzzle is finished. Additionally, certain parts of the game will allow you to “find” evidence, which will be notated in the database under the new Evidence table. When the player accuses an NPC, there is a set dialogue they go through to determine what evidence they have against that NPC. If the player decides to accuse them after the fact they reach an end game state. Currently, nothing happens other than a logged statement if they reach that point.

Additionally, the accusation is entirely separate from the main conversation, and is only accessible at the first prompt in any conversation. The video below shows roughly how it works, unfortunately there are no test voice lines to go with it so far.

I created a proof of concept for our desired point and click UI for the conversations. Ideally, each option will spawn some object that can be clicked when the player points their right hand at it.

While the user’s cursor doesn’t show up in the gif, you can tell where it is by what color the words are. When the words are black, the player’s cursor is over the object, when they are purple it is not. Additionally, the object can tell when it is being clicked on, which will be useful when determining which option the user selected.



I wasn’t able to completely hook the conversation UI up to the main scene as I didn’t get the object I needed to spawn until late in the week when I no longer had the ability to work on it. However, I don’t think transitioning the old UI into the new will be very difficult. The hardest part will be determining where to spawn each object (depending on how many choices there are). Additionally, I don’t have a ton of work planned for next week, so I should have no trouble completing it then.

Looking Ahead:
Finish Conversation UI
General Debugging
Main Menu (if there’s time)

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