Chris Lucas, PPJ, Week 11


  • Scultping/Modeling Flower Parts:  6hr 
  • Converting Flower Parts to texture : 2 hr
  • Creating billboards/planes and sets: 1 hr
  • Set up in-engine: 1 hr

Total Hours: 10hr

Positives: Really went feet first into the foliage creation this week, and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, especially since I haven’t done this kind of thing before. I spent a lot of time working in Zbrush on one screen and watching tutorials on the other while I worked, and learned about the Zremesher, polypainting, sub-tool workflows, and more while making my flowers. I sculpted about 3 kinds of petals and leaf variations that I also now have as a tool to make other plants with. I also set up a node graph for quickly editing the exported textures from zbrush to get variance in some of the maps. Lastly, I modeled out the actual leaf and petal shapes as low poly planes, along with the stamens and some stems. Testing them out in Unity went well too, and I think that as I create more foliage, the process will get faster, and there will be more parts to draw from.

Sculpt of petals in Zbrush w Paint
Sculpt diffuse channel on petal models in maya


Negatives: This week was a lot of hours, because I’m still fairly new to Zbrush. There are a lot of shortcuts to learn, strange UI choices to get used to etc, though I think this week I really got the hang of it. Hopefully as I get faster with these tools, the amount of hours it takes to make these assets will drop. 

Looking Ahead:

  • Creating/Tweaking Plants for plant wall
  • Break


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