Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Fall Week 11

It’s The Final(s) Countdown


  • Project planning: 45m
  • Implementing Menus: 1h
  • Demo Video: 2h
  • Public Prototype Pitch Deck: 1h
  • Deliverables: 30m

Total Hours: 5h15m

Look, a demo where we don’t have to be at war with hardware!

Positives: This week wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be. I spent some time working on the prototype pitch deck, getting a video demo together so we don’t have to fight with hardware anymore, and finally getting some prototype menus in! Syd and I had a nice little cozy meeting where we worked out a detailed timeline for winter term so she could make a nice pretty Gantt chart. I feel a lot better about where we are (don’t get me wrong – we still have a TON of work to do. But now there are deadlines and color-coded charts.) After some fighting with both software and hardware, the build itself was pretty straightforward to make. I actually managed to plan a reasonable bedtime for myself the night before our presentation. And all of our main player controls are in.

AND THIS IS THE LAST SUBMISSION FOR FALL TERM. Time to go sleep for all of Winter Break.

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Negatives: The senioritis is here. Final projects and Concert Week are lurking in my brain. It’s going to be time to set this project aside for even a week to think about other things. Oculus and Unity, as usual, had moments where they did. Not. Want. To. Cooperate. Blackboard somehow nearly took 20 minutes to upload a single .pptx file. We still have TONS of work to do.

Also, turns out I forgot to check on our status report (like I tend to nag my team about) and din’t realize I had sound and snap functions for piano cylinders on deck for this week. Now I’m a hypocrite. And I have one more task for break.

…well, I got the sound in there and a very buggy version of the “stay snapped” functionality. Up next is maknig that actually….good.

…and I didn’t give Samara a bug list. :/

Looking Ahead:

  • We’ve got a little bit of work planned for over the break, so I’ll be tackling some small tasks to get us ready for winter term, including:
    • polishing the functionality of our existing puzzles
    • getting and implementing 2 new tracks from the sound team
    • implement a corpse the player can drag around
    • prototype picture gallery puzzle
    • doing that piano cylinder thing I was supposed to do this week
  • Also, finals and sleeping. And maybe even eating a vegetable.