Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 2


  • Modeling Desk and Chair: 5h
  • Audio Master List: 1h
  • Two Scenes of Dialogue: 4h

Total Hours: 10h

Positives: This week was a bit tough to get started working again (thanks break) and I was stuck playing a bit of catch up when I underestimated my other classwork. What’s really nice about this quarter is that I have Thursdays and Fridays off now so I can block out work time for full days. I have our futuristic drafting desk finished and ready for texturing along with our chair (the most uncomfortable chair I’ve ever seen) for the Study. I will be adding a lever to the desk next week for our puzzle in that room. For now we have a little placeholder working. I added more stuff to our audio list and continued marking them for importance. Writing is continuing along and Dan and I will be getting together weekly to iron out the rest of the writing we need. Erin contacted a casting agency that Dr. Muschio pointed us towards and this week I will be sending them sample work to show to talent along with role summaries for each character.

Negatives: I have made a fatal error and have taken multiple writing heavy classes this term and hoooooboy I am going to have to be super careful with scheduling work. I’m a little behind schedule on my work according to our Gantt but I can make it up this week.

Looking Ahead: Writing two/three more rooms of dialogue, model lever, send information to casting agency,

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