Samara Painter, PPJ, Winter Week 3

Archive and Memory Interaction Prototype: 3h
Attempt to Polish Hand Scanner/Lever Prototype: 2h
Add Rotation to Teleportation: 30m
General Debugging and Cleaning: 5h

Total Hours: 10h30m


I was able to get a working prototype for our archive and memory interaction. The archive is basically a receiver that plays different audio clips depending on what keys are inserted into it. This prototype utilizes a lot of the functionality we already had written, but I took a decent amount of time setting up a cabinet for the receiver to be “hidden” in until it is revealed by another puzzle.

I also got the hand scanner prototype and archive prototype present and interacting in the main scene, even though they still definitely both need a bit of polish.

The end of my week was basically spent helping Erin debug various problems within the scene. While looking into our teleportation mechanic in the process of debugging, I figured out how to implement the rotation option for the teleportation, and also how to turn off linear movement in the scene entirely. Now we can rely entirely on teleportation, and the player can orient themselves in the way they’d like to be facing before teleporting.



I tried to polish the hand scanner/lever prototype, but didn’t end up having a lot of luck with it. I changed most of the lever settings to see what felt the most intuitive, only to end up at the same settings we started with. Additionally, Sydney and I talked about potentially switching the lever with a physical button for the user to push instead. I spent most of my time working on this prototype researching how to add a physical button into the scene. However, since our hands currently are not physical, they cannot interact with physical objects that they cannot “grab” for the most part. I found a free asset that we could potentially use that would fix this problem, but it would likely break our teleportation mechanic.

This week was a lot of researching and finding out that things are broken but not necessarily why they’re broken. It’s a little frustrating for me to make so little progress when spending hours trying to debug the scene, but it’s part of the process. I hope that being able to step away from it for a day or two will allow me to think more clearly on it when jumping back into working on it.

Looking Ahead:
Polish Archive and Memory Interaction Prototype
Eye Removal/Camera Puzzle Prototype

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