Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 3


  • Wrote one scene of dialogue: 1h
  • Add new models to the project: 15m
  • Start organizing playtest: 15m

Total Hours: 1h 30m

enjoy this picture i drew with my mouse


Positives: Not much in the way of positives this week for me. I fell completely behind in work because of other classes. I’m frustrated I didn’t get more done, but with most of my work out of the way for the week, I’ll have all of Thursday and Friday to work on stuff for this and get back on track. Please…just…….no more papers for a little bit.

Negatives: I was completely wrong and definitely did not make up work this week. Instead I’m super behind because of how many papers I had to write.

Looking Ahead: Writing five more scenes of dialogue (or as close to done as possible), model lever, send information to casting agency by Thursday (1/24), schedule mo-cap shoot

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