Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 4


  • Create Additional Decorative Models for Biowall 8h

Total Hours: 8

Positives: This week I started modeling out additional models for the bio-puzzle to fill it out, taking them from Maya to Engine and arranged them in new ways. This included new pots, new materials, hanging grates for vines later, papers for posters, leaves, etc. I also worked on UVing those models so that Unity’s light baking wouldn’t show extreme artifacting on static models, which should allow the game to run faster while also making the objects in the area look better. Again using poly-brush, I sculpted more dirt prefabs for pots and a dirt prefab for the dirt behind the plant wall grating so it’s not just grey anymore (in doing so also learned about Polybrush’s texture painting features).

new assets for the biowall with light baking

Negatives: Ran into some problems with scene management, but they were pretty easily resolved – just had to redo setting up materials, and some gameObjects had dramatically changed sizes. 

this wall of pink is actually a very tiny garden label

Looking Ahead: More development on the puzzle areas, making the plant wall puzzle harder by adding other plants


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