Samara Painter, PPJ, Winter Week 4

Polish Archive Memory Puzzle: 2h15m
Prototype Eye Removal Puzzle: 3h15m
Meeting with Joe about UI: 1h
Migration to new room model: 1h30m
General Debugging: 2h45m

Total Hours: 10h45m


I got a lot done this week, including (accidentally) doing a task that I was supposed to do next week.

I was supposed to polish the archive memory puzzle, which I figured was already pretty solid since it involves only very basic functionality. So, to polish, I added the creator of the keys that go into the archive. It takes three objects, and if they can combine to create a key, it spawns an archive key. I did add this to our main scene, but we’re still having some bug issues with the walls moving, which makes the puzzle currently inaccessible, so, I shot the video of it functioning in my prototype scene:

I also prototyped our eye removal puzzle. This puzzle involves being able to see things you couldn’t previously through use of the inventor’s eye attached to a camera. Since there’s no inventor model, I added the camera with the eye already attached into the scene – along with some previously-hidden objects.

Also seen in the above video is the new room model Sydney gave me to put into the scene. I added that in and moved all of the rooms around so that they matched the layout specified in Joe’s Puzzle Map from two weeks ago.

I was hoping that adding the new model, where the wall objects don’t clip through anything, would solve our wall bug problems. Unfortunately, it didn’t, and I spent a while longer trying to debug that again. I’ve figured out what’s happening, but not why it’s happening. Thankfully, since I did some of my work for next week already, I can spend more time next week debugging.


There are still a lot of bugs in the project, including a couple that I managed to introduce during the model migration. One of the new bugs is the door movement in the initial puzzle (as seen in the second video). It has been very frustrating dealing with these, but I feel like the progress I made this week has helped ease that frustration a little. I will be putting even more time next week into debugging.

Looking Ahead:
Add eye snapping to eye/camera prototype
Minor tweaks to machine prototypes

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