Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 4


  • Wrote five scenes of dialogue: 5h
  • Add new models to the project: 15m
  • Send information to casting agency: 1h
  • Business card idea draft: 30m
  • Fix desk model and add lever: 2h

Total Hours: 8h 45m


Positives: WE. Clapping_Hands_Emoji_ios10_d7ab242e-7230-47bf-b1e2-d46a4bc51b5b_large.png WROTE. Clapping_Hands_Emoji_ios10_d7ab242e-7230-47bf-b1e2-d46a4bc51b5b_large.png SOME. Clapping_Hands_Emoji_ios10_d7ab242e-7230-47bf-b1e2-d46a4bc51b5b_large.png STUFF. Clapping_Hands_Emoji_ios10_d7ab242e-7230-47bf-b1e2-d46a4bc51b5b_large.png

No but seriously I did write a bunch of stuff I’m almost happy with! Happy enough with it that I have sent it out for other human beings to see with their eyes. More specifically acting human beings who may record themselves reading said words and sending them to use as auditions! It took about an hour to collect up the information needed and to expand on lines we wanted them to audition with. I added the main room model to the project (now with modular walls that don’t clip into the main room and cause a million problems for Samara) and fixed the desk model to be less crunch and more bun. I drafted a business card concept in Photoshop real fast as well so that was good and fun.

Negatives: I’m sleepy but that’s okay because this ppj was fun to make. Also I think I finally caught up with my work : D

Looking Ahead: motion capture shoot this week or next week, try to finish writing, model camera and study assets

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