Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 5

Modeling Madeline: 4hr
Elder Ortho: 3hr

Total Hours: 7hr


Hey this week we finished the rest of the concept orthos which is lit. now that we have those done I can also say that we have started character modeling in earnest which is awesome! Madeline is being modeled first with her mask and chest being done (albeit cut in half (I created all the characters in a way that the majority of their body parts can be duplicated to make it easier to model.)). So yeah. Things are coming along. Wooo!

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Didn’t get as far into the modeling as I wanted to this week, but I have a good headway, good enough that i will comfortably be done by the end of the week if all things work well.

Looking Ahead:
Finish Madeline model
Start Victor (Frenemy) Model

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