Samara Painter, PPJ, Winter Week 6

Update Archive Puzzle: 3h
Update Archive Key Creator Machine: 30m
Move NPCs into the room after door puzzle: 1h
Remove pause menu: 30m
Work with Syd to hook up dialogue for play test: 3h
Bug Fixing: 30m

Total Hours: 8h30m


A big success for me this week was polishing the archive and archive key creator machine puzzles. I hooked the archive puzzle up to Sydney’s new model, complete with a sliding door, and updated the key creator machine to take/fill empty objects instead of spawning new ones.

Sydney asked me if we could set up the NPCs outside of the room, and move them inside the room after the door puzzle was completed. It looks super spooky with no animation, but it’s done.


I finally figured out how to remove the pause menu that has been with us from OVRInspector since fall term. I can’t really show anything for this since you can’t see me trying (and failing) to spawn it, but here’s an image of what it used to look like.


I fixed a couple bugs this week that I noticed while doing other things in the scene. First, I realized that the new camera model I set up toward the end of last week didn’t actually function correctly, so I finished setting that up.


I also realized that you could fall through the floor near our entrance if you teleported on top of the ridges to the left and right. Unfortunately, I didn’t grab a video of the bug itself, but I do have the fix, which was inserting an invisible plane inside the cutouts.


Finally, I started to hook up the new dialogue for our upcoming play test, with the help of Sydney. It didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped it would, but we got everything entered into the database, and I have the initial conversation firing correctly, complete with an invitation spawning at the end.


There’s still a ton of work to do in order to get the dialogue firing correctly. Luckily, with it all in the database already, I won’t need Sydney to be present for a lot of it.

Looking Ahead:
Finish hooking up dialogue for play test
Bug fixing as needed

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