Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 6


  • Finish 2-3 more scenes of dialogue: 2h
  • Record and cut all dialogue available: 6h
  • Work with Samara to get all that stuff in scene: 3h

Total Hours: 11h

Have a picture of my business card while you’re here.


Positives: Maya is still a little broken but that’s ok because I didn’t touch it this week. We decided to go hard this week and get as much art into the main scene as possible in preparation for a playtest this coming week. That meant working with Dan to record ourselves reading all the dialogue to test player reaction to hints and audio cues. That ate up a lot of time, BUT it also led to a lot of good talk about how we want the story to progress and how we want to build suspicion.

Negatives: I have to write a paper this week and I don’t wanna.

Looking Ahead: Finish script, do mocap shoot, listen to any voice acting submissions we get sent.

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