Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 7


  • Motion Capture Session: 5h
  • Playtest Day: 6h
  • Script Writing: 4h

Total Hours: 15h




Positives: This week was quite a whirlwind of work. Dan and I had planned a motion capture session Friday and we got all the animations we could see us needing. Most of the data has been cleaned already by other team members too. One big time suck I had planned for in our gantt actually went pretty smoothly so that’s pretty awesome. We also had a big playtest day on accepted students day and had a few people in the headsets. It was very helpful getting eyes and hands on our game that were completely unfamiliar with the concept or VR. It showed me where our puzzle guidance needed buffs and how players applied logic to what we gave them. While we found a whole new set of flaws, at least we know what they are and how we could fix them.

Negatives: We ran into a bunch of technical issues this week on the playtest set up and the mocap set up is never flawless. Normal problems so no concerns.

Looking Ahead: Finish script (again), send voice actor apps out to drexel peeps

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