Team PPJ, Winter Week 7

This week the Prediction Error team focused on existing in real space. Specifically, this meant coordinating a motion capture shoot and a playtest session, which were our two major tasks for the week. Both went off extremely well. Our mocap data was so well-captured that the time it took the cleaning crew to get it ready to export was far less than expected.

Our reaction when the data came out clean.
Dan (or shall we say Victor) getting a little bit fed up with the player character.

We also participated in a MASSIVE playtest session, coordinated by the wonderful Sydney Oswald, that included several other senior projects and the use of many accepted students as test subjects. This was a great way to get valuable feedback about our game, and find all the pesky bugs we’ve been able to ignore.

This week, then, it’s doing all of the work on the data we collected – getting the cleaned and exported animations into Unity, fixing all the bugs we found during playtesting, and generally making progress on the game’s art and functionality.

The upcoming week will be a challenging one for us. Several of our team members will be heavily focused on other work or flat out not around. Fortunately, we’ve planned for this, and anticipate sitll making healthy progress towards our goal.

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