Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 8


  • “Do Not Touch” sign model finished/in-engine 3hr
  • Final Cylinder and receiver models finished/in-engine 2hr
  • Machine Key models finished/in-engine  task changed

Total Hours: 5hr

Positives: I didn’t have as much time to work on this this week, but I still got the tasks I had done to 100%. We now have an in-engine do not touch sign for the gallery, which I made as 3 separate layers of models, so that in the polish quarter we can have them rotate, fade in and out, or be holographic, and got to UV. I then also talked with Syd and Joe about what the final cylinders should look like, and created those models after looking at reference, which are also now in engine.


Negatives: Mostly just the limited time, but I was still able to get my work done, so not too bad. 

Looking Ahead: More models and implementation/especially models and materials that make the room look less sparse.


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