Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Winter Week 8

Madeline Model 12hr

Total Hours: 12hr


I Am nearly done with my beautiful model, It has taken so long but I am nearly there. Honestly i would have probably been able to finish it sooner but i became super sick at the onset of the weekend. Regardless I was able to teach myself how to soft model and I only need to finish the arms and the collarbone and we will be good to go. Then will come rigging. Which I luckily have step by step tutorial to follow.


I got super sick and it ruined my plans for getting my work done this weekend. Even though I got through everything else I needed to, it still felt like wasted time. I was only able to work in intervals of 3hrs because my sinuses were threatening to make my head explode. But we here now.52598780_2278806485778042_6341249553022320640_n

To make these two parts make sense literally took me forever, Drexel really needs to give GDAP students soft and organic modeling experience.

Looking Ahead:
Finish/Rig Madeline

Get animations finished and implemented in engine with Erin

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