Samara Painter, PPJ, Winter Week 8

Update Gallery Puzzle: 3h
Teleport Bugs: 30m
Prevent Teleportation during Opening Dialogue: 30m

Total Hours: 4h


I updated our gallery puzzle to be more in tune with what Joe and Sydney designed. The player must now make a “grabbing” motion when they are close to the painting in order for the ghost hand to appear. If they stop making the motion, the ghost hand will disappear. Additionally, their regular hand disappears when the ghost hand appears, and vice-versa.



The ghost hand will also disappear if the player gets too far away from the painting.


Finally, I fixed the puzzle so that it is actually only active once the paintings are revealed, and it slides up instead of swinging out into the player when it is solved.


I also figured out how to prevent the player from teleporting during the opening dialogue. This allows the player to experience an introduction to the game without being distracted by the first puzzle.

Finally, I worked a little bit on the various teleportation bugs discovered during our play test. The main problems were that the player could teleport on top of the pillars, on top of the room itself, and they could fall out of the room if they got too close to the walls.

I fixed the pillar issue by changing what layer they were on.

We can very easily fix the player’s ability to teleport on top of the room once we have an updated wall model, where the ceiling of the wall is a separate object from the rest of the wall (so that they can be on separate layers). I spoke to Sydney about this, and I will implement the  fix once we have the new wall models.

Finally, I attempted to fix the player being able to walk out of the room entirely by having the player’s head collide with physical objects. This did fix that issue, however, it meant that the player started to fly through the floor when objects they were holding got too close to their head. So, we reverted the changes involved in that fix, and I’ll look into other options next week.


I didn’t do nearly as much work as I intended to do this week. I was originally slated to update the piano cylinder puzzle, but Erin decided to take that over, and didn’t need me to help with anything else. She is more familiar with the cylinders than I am, so it makes sense. Next week I will be more proactive in picking up additional work as well as doing the work that I was assigned.

Looking Ahead:
Bug Fixing as Needed
Updating Puzzles as needed

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