Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 9


  • Place Study Filler Models  2hr
  • Textures for walls and floor 2hr
  • Piano Receiver Model 1hr

Total Hours: 5hr

Positives: Didn’t have as much time again this week, but I still got my tasks mostly done. I’ve worked on exporting the material I’ve made and gotten it up to the point where the parameters are expose-able and more customized to what we want. I’ve also placed more filler models made previously into the study, so that it’s more fleshed out, and modeled out another part of the piano puzzle to go with the model I made last week.

Negatives: Again this week the negative was just being in crunch for some other projects at the same time.

Looking Ahead: More models and implementation/especially models and materials that make the room look less sparse.


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