Team PPJ, Winter Week 9

It’s been another big week here at Prediction Error. Despite several of our team members crunching for another project, we made strides in every department and we’re very satisfied about that.

Animations are in-game and hooked up to controllers!

We have our LAST puzzle in-game!

The accusation mechanic now includes a tablet to keep track of evidence and scary red lights.

The character modelers have FLOORED IT.

Our story map is unfolding beautifully and Sydney has been working tirelessly to include lots and lots of new content in the script ahead of scheduling our voice actors.

Oh, and we updated our sketeches for promotional materials!

And just like that, finals are upon us. As half of our team is traveling to GDC during real finals week, we’ll be spending Week 9 polishing any programming, getting art in-engine, and finalizing things like videos and pitch materials ahead of our final presentation. The finish line is in sight.

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