Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 10


  • Existing materials and models in scene 4h
  • Fixing texturing bugs 1hr
  • Readjusting and exposing substance 1hr

Total Hours: 6hr

Positives: This week, all objects have some kind of texture, and the substance was also imported into Unity. It comes with settings for the walls, floor, ceiling, etc, and is also able to have its settings changed in engine for color and tiling amounts. Also next quarter I won’t be taking 20 credits, so that’s exciting.

Negatives: There is so much crunch, and so the textures didn’t make it through into the final demo, but we’re there, so it’s alright. It’ll be nice to work on this more when I’m taking less classes. 

Looking Ahead: G D C . And then Break! And then polish quarter.


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