Samara Painter, PPJ, Winter Week 10

Unity Update: 30m
Conversation Update: 3h
Conversation Bug: 15m
Play Test: 2h

Total Hours: 5h45m


The recent Unity security patch forced us to upgrade our game to a version with a patch available. I spent a little time researching the changes between our previous version and the one we wanted to update to. I was able to update our project with no issues, but I ran through a bunch of tests afterward just to be sure.

The main thing I worked on this week is an update to our conversation mechanic. Previously, we could only have one conversation thread active for each NPC at a time. I changed it so that we can add and remove multiple active conversation branches, which can be accessed at the start of a conversation with any NPC. The video first shows a quick run through of what happens when a new conversation is added. If the conversation has begun, it will not be removed until it is finished. The video also shows a second run through where the extra conversation is active, but not started, and it is removed at a set point in the game. The extra conversation does not have any voice lines, it is just text shown as a proof of concept.

While I was working on the conversation update, I found a bug. If you started talking to a NPC, but teleported away from them while they were still talking, the next dialogue options would still be shown even though you were no longer in an active conversation with them. Luckily, the fix ended up being rather simple, and didn’t take too long to implement.



Finally, while Erin and I were down in Charleston with the pep band, we held a small play test. We got some informative feedback from it, especially having to do with our sound and general UI.



I wasn’t able to spend a ton of time on the project this week since I was in Charleston with the pep band. Fortunately, I didn’t have a ton to do, but I generally like to spend more time with the project.

Looking Ahead:
Bug Fixing as Needed
Updating Puzzles as needed

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