Team PPJ, Winter Week 10

We made it! The There’s Been A Murder team has officially survived winter term. Thank goodness.

In preparation for our end-of-term presentation, we loaded in tons of new art and animations, including Mavis, the machine, and a brand-new start menu! Over the break, the team will be working on finalizing art assets and debugging puzzles, and then it’s on to POLISH. (Also, 3 of our members are traveling to GDC to present STILL ON THE WATER.)

Also, Erin and Samara playtested the game with the Drexel Pep Band in North Charleston, SC.

Erin and Samara setting up a playtest in a hotel room.

And a new video!

So off we go into a brief break and then polish. It’s been a long and trying term, but we made it!

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