Chris Lucas, PPJ, Spring Week 2


  • Finish Room Textures and Implement (100%) 9h
  • Arranging in Engine/Shelving Designer Materials (100%) 3h
  • Finish Pillars, and Furniture Textures/Implement (100%) 5h

Total Hours: 17hr 


Positives: So last quarter, I made some procedural sci-fi materials to use in the Unity Scene. This week, to get some more tailored results, I took those into Substance Painter and added them to most if not all filler objects that we currently have, and then also implemented those into unity, to try and get them to look just as good in-engine. I enjoy texturing things, so that was a plus, and there weren’t many bugs or unexpected glitches in the pipeline for getting them into engine after they were exported. I’m also glad to have more time to work on this than last quarter.

Negatives: Things went pretty smoothly, so there weren’t many negatives. Some models need their UVs revisited, but that’s a simple fix.

Looking Ahead: Iterating on the environment.


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