Samara Painter, PPJ, Spring Week 2

Hook up New Room Model: 3h15m
End Game Logic: 1h15m
Unity Bug Fix: 1h30m
Database Entry: 2h

Total: 8h


This week I made good progress on our backlog of tweaks and bug fixes, along with adding in some finalized art assets and dialogue.

First, I hooked up the new room model that Sydney created. This took a bit longer than I originally thought it would because an obscure change broke the moving walls. Thankfully, I finally realized what was happening (after some rubber duck debugging with Erin), and we were able to get everything set up again.


I added in some logic to our end game scenario so that we can tell what character the player accused and what evidence they used in the ending scene. This will affect what voice line plays. In this video, there are different sounds played depending on the character that was accused.

There was a bug in the lightweight render pipeline version we were using that affected our canvases (and thus, our conversations and tablets) in builds. Originally, we were going to write a workaround for it, but I realized that the bug was fixed in a newer version of the lwrp. So, we upgraded our entire project in order to use the newer version of lwrp. It took a while for both Erin and I, but luckily it fixed the canvas issue we were having in our builds and also our corpse rubberbanding around the room.

Finally, I did some database entry with Sydney. We have all of Mavis’ voice lines recorded and cut, so we added his conversations into the database. Since the player’s voice lines haven’t been recorded yet, you can’t really have the finalized conversations with Mavis in game. However, this should cut down on the work we have to do involving entering the rest of the conversations into the database in the upcoming weeks.


The database entry this week was a little tedious, and more time consuming than I’d like. If I have time in the upcoming week I’d like to write a script that can read in a file in a more human-readable format and put it into the database for us, to make our lives easier.

Next Week:
Bug fixing as needed
Database entry as needed

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