Chris Lucas, PPJ, Spring Week 3


  • Texture new scene items (100%) 3h
  • Revisit room texturing with newer moodboard 5hr

Total Hours: 8hr 

Positives: We have a pretty large spread of different tones and color palattes in our moodboards, and one newer image courtesy of Syd offered brighter colors that might make the room more readable. So this week, I created those materials, which were actually pretty similar to a previous art test.

Negatives: I left Philly this weekend because a family member is very sick, and so most of my Sproj work time was spent traveling and visiting instead. It’s not a very big negative though, all things considered. I still got some textures painted, in what I believe will be closer to final colors for the room visibility wise, and I also really needed to go see them sooner than later.

Looking Ahead: Iterating on the environment.


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