Samara Painter, PPJ, Spring Week 3

Create Database Input Script: 7h30m
Teach Syd how to create input file: 30m
Fix Opening Scene Selection Bug: 15m
Various Minor Fixes: 1h30m

Total Hours: 9h45m


I was able to create a powershell script to automate putting the dialogue with the appropriate mappings into our database. The script takes in a JSON file that contains all the conversations with the audio files and outputs a JSON file that shows the starting prompt ID of each conversation (which we need to “unlock” each conversation as the player progresses through the game). This means that we don’t have to worry about spending tons of time manually inputting our dialogue into the database. We can create the JSON file and update it as needed, and run it as needed to keep the build updated. I had to spend a little time teaching Sydney how to create the input file, and I added one conversation to it with her so she could see how it worked.

My only assigned task this week was to fix the opening scene selection bug, where the right hand trigger wouldn’t work to select the option to start the game. This was simply an incorrectly assigned variable, which was instead assigned to the left hand trigger. I reassigned it to the right hand trigger, and it works as expected both in editor and in a build.

While I was in the scene I also made some minor changes and fixed a few things that I had noticed were accidentally pushed incorrectly. Primarily, I updated the opening dialogue scene in the hallway so the player can move around while the characters are talking, and if they solve the door puzzle it simply cuts off their dialogue. There are new tutorial images placed in the hallway, and a grabbable object, so the player can use that time to get the hang of VR controls instead of being stuck in place.


The one negative from this week is that I am the only person who knows (and has their computer set up) to run my new powershell script. This shouldn’t be a problem, since the majority of the work now is creating the input JSON file, which many people are capable of doing.

Looking Ahead:
Most likely bug fixes

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